Marriage License


Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
The Marriage Bureau closes promptly at 3:30 p.m. The Court is closed on weekends, all government holidays and the day following Thanksgiving. Holiday hours may vary, so please refer to Greene County Probate Court home page for upcoming holiday hours.

The Greene County Probate Court Marriage License Bureau only issues the marriage license. Our Court does not perform marriage ceremonies.

The cost for a marriage license is $65.00 cash only. We do not accept checks, credit cards or debit cards.

Appointments take precedence over walk-ins.
Please note: Appointments cannot be made over the phone or in person. They can only be made online. In order to schedule online you must use the prompt below that says "Begin Marriage Application Process Online". After you have entered all of your information, it will give you the option to schedule your appointment.


Ohio residents must obtain a marriage license within the county where either applicant resides (at least one of the applicants must be a resident of Greene County for a marriage license to be issued by the Greene County Probate Court). The license is valid anywhere in the State of Ohio.

Out-of-State Residents getting married in Ohio must obtain a license in the County where the ceremony will take place. Their license will only be valid in that County.

Application Process

There are two ways to apply for your marriage license in Greene County:
  • You may start the application process online. Once you have completed the online application, you will need to come into the Court during our regular business hours to complete the process and obtain your license. Both applicants must come in together. See the notes below on what to bring with you.

  • You may come to the courthouse during our regular business hours and meet with a clerk to fill out the application and process the license. Both applicants must come in together. See the notes below on what to bring with you.

Both Applicants Must Bring

  • A valid driver's license or state ID with date of birth and current address. In lieu of a valid driver's license or state ID, the Court will accept a birth certificate and social security card. All social security numbers are held in confidence. If a correct address is not on the ID, you may bring a piece of mail addressed to you at your current address in order to prove your residency.
  • If an applicant does not speak English an interpreter must be present during the application process. Please Note: The interpreter cannot be the other applicant.

If you have been married before:

  • You must provide a copy of the most recent divorce or dissolution decree. The copy must have the case number, the Judge's signature, and the Court's time-stamp on it.
  • You must provide a photo copy of a Death Certificate if your previous spouse is deceased and no divorce or dissolution took place. 

If you have done a legal name change:

  • You must provide a copy of the Judgment Entry changing the name. The Judgment Entry must have the Court stamp on it, as well as a Judge's signature.
How to Obtain a Certified Copy of Your Marriage License