1. Change in Occupancy Procedure

    Find out more about the change in occupancy procedure.

  2. Ohio Manufactured Homes Permit Checklist

    View the homes permit checklist.

  3. Permit Application Forms

    View all the permit application forms.

  4. Permit Application Procedure

    View the permit application procedure.

  5. Permit Fees

    Learn more about all the permit fees.

  6. Permit Fee Calculations

    Permit Fee Calculations examples - Commercial and Residential

  7. Permit Flowchart

    Check out the permit flowchart.

  8. Permit Status

    Find out more about permit statuses.

  9. Permit Waivers

    Learn more about permit waivers.

  10. Procedure to Schedule Inspection

    Learn more about scheduling an inspection.

  11. Residential Permit Checklist

    View the residential permit checklist.