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Are you wondering what to do when you're done with school? Are you looking to enhance your job skills? Are you trying to find quality employees who will make your business stronger? Or are you thinking about changing careers, but aren't sure where to start?

The Greene County Jobs & Education Committee is here to help. We can help you find the training and education you need. We can connect you with employees who are ready to work. And we can show you the careers that are in demand and the companies that are hiring. We can do all of this and more, right here in Greene County. Please review the information below and refer to the items on the left of the page for information specific to your situation and needs.

Career of the Month

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I am an Adult Student or Worker
We can help you to make a change. If you want a better job or a different job or career, we can help you to find employers who are looking for people like you. If you want or need more education, whether you need your GED, degree, or career training, we can show you all of your options. And if you're retired and are looking for a second career, we can help you to find education, training, and employers.

I am a Veteran
We have resources that are available specifically for military veterans that are looking to transition to civilian careers.

I am a High School Student
We can help you decide what to do after high school. If you already know what you want to do, we can help you find the right college to further your education, or local companies where you might begin your career. If you do not yet know what you want to do, we can show you all of the possibilities and help you to narrow your search.

I am an Elementary or Middle School Student
We can help you decide what you want to be when you grow up, what kind of career is right for you, and where you can go to college or get training.

I am a Three Year Old in Early Childhood Education
We can connect you with area resources for your child during the formative years of Pre-K to Kindergarten.

*For additional information and resources, please refer to the tabs found on the left side of this page*