High School Student

High school does not last forever. Soon, students will have big decisions to make about what to do after high school. Resources are available for students in any stage of their high school career as they determine their interests, passions and whether they want to enter the workforce directly, earn certificates or technical training, or choose to go to a two or four year college or university.

Career Opportunities:

Are you going straight into the workforce after high school? Are you going to work before going to obtaining a degree or other training? Visit our Career Opportunities page to learn more about job searches, resources to learn what jobs are out there and what knowledge and training you need for a particular career, and companies in Greene County.

Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools:


you planning to go to college or a technical school after graduating high school? Visit our College, University and Technical School

page to learn more about colleges, universities and technical schools in and around Greene County, Ohio.

K-12 Online:

There are options for kids in Ohio to attend K-12 online. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit the

Ohio Virtual Academy

to learn more.

Military Service Academies:

Are you interested in military service academies? If so, please visit the Department of Defense to learn how to reach out to military service academies.

Also, please visit Congressman Mike Turner's (Ohio's 10th District) for more information that you may find useful.

College Online:

Are you interested in taking classes online for college credit or just to improve your knowledge and skills? Visit our online college and learning page for more information.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base:

To learn more about the job application process at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, please follow the provided link for a tutorial.