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Bellbrook Comprehensive Plan Update


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    2. Survey of Citizens & Business Owners

    3. The City of Bellbrook is undertaking an update to its 1974 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a document that describes the history, current condition, and future vision for the community. It serves as a guide for future growth and development while promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the people.

      The Comprehensive Plan should reflect the ideas and opinions of the community’s residents. The Bellbrook Planning Board is seeking your comments in the development of this update to the Comprehensive Plan. Please take the time to complete this short survey so the Planning Board can evaluate your assessment of the current image of Bellbrook, what is working and what needs improvement. We will use these responses along with additional information gathered at upcoming public meetings in 2018 to shape the plan.

      Thank you for taking the time to provide your input. Please submit your completed survey by April 30, 2018. Estimated time to complete the survey is 10-15 minutes.

    4. What is the main reason you are in Bellbrook? (Pick Only One)

    5. Bellbrook offers a good selection of shopping opportunities.

    6. Bellbrook has adequate services for seniors.

    7. What are the top three reasons you come to downtown Bellbrook?

    8. What method of communication do you use to find out what is happening in Bellbrook? (May choose more than one)

    9. How many times a week do you come to downtown Bellbrook?

    10. Bellbrook has adequate housing for seniors.