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Ohio Revised Code 955, requires that every dog over three months of age be licensed in the State of Ohio.

For 2014 there have been two significant changes for licensing your dog:

  • The cost of a dog license has been increased by the Greene County Board of Commissioners from $15 to $20
  • Licenses can now be purchased in multiple years

The following fee structure exists for tags purchased for multiple years.

License Type
Cost Expiration Date
 Single (1) Year License
$20 January 31, 2015
 Three (3) Year License
$60 January 31, 2017
 Permanent License
$200 For the life of the dog

Please remember that refunds will not be issued should your dog become deceased or transferred to a different owner.

How To Obtain A License

Licenses can be purchased by visiting the Xenia offices of the Greene County Auditor, 69 Greene St or Greene Country Animal Control, 641 Dayton-Xenia Rd.  Licenses can also be obtained by completing a dog tag application and returning it with a check or money made payable to the Greene County Auditor, 69 Greene Street, Xenia, Ohio 45385.  Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your application and payment.  If you have questions concerning dog licensing contact the Auditor's Office at (937) 562-5065.


In order to avoid a penalty required by Ohio law, dogs must be licensed by January 31st; or by the time they are three months old; or within 30 days of being acquired.  The penalty established by law is equal to the cost of the license.  For this reason, multi-year licenses will not be available to dogs subject to penalty.

Partial Year Licenses

If you acquire your dog after June 30th the cost of a single year license is half the normal cost ($10).  Penalty requirements still apply if the dog is not licensed by the required date.

Kennel Licenses

If you are in the business of buying and selling dogs and you are zoned for a kennel you may be able to obtain a kennel license.  The cost of a kennel license is $100.  A kennel license includes five (5) kennel tags.  Additional kennel tags are available for $1.  Both kennel licenses and the additional tags are subject to penalty.  kennel licenses are not eligible for partial year licensing.

Lost Dog / Dog Tag Search
In order to reunite a licensed dog with its proper owner, you can search for the owner by using our Dog Tag Search application below or by contacting the Greene County Animal Control Office.

Please make sure to update your contact information with the County Auditor if it has changed (address or phone number).  This will help ensure that you can be reunited with your dog.