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Victim Witness Division
The Victim / Witness Division of the Greene County Prosecutor's Office was created in 1982 and provides support, advocacy, and crisis intervention assistance to all felony crime victims and witnesses. The Division, which operates with a professional staff and a group of trained volunteer advocates, provides 24-hour assistance free of charge.

Team Members
  • Director, Teri L. LaJeunesse
  • Victim Advocate, Cynthia M. Gevedon
  • Victim Advocate, Riki L. Karolyi
  • Victim Advocate, Amanda Opicka
  • Victim Advocate, Candice Purdin
  • Victim Advocate, Becky Walsh
  • Crisis Response Victim Advocate/Outreach Coordinator, Michelle White

 National Crime Victim’s Rights Week 2016

 Serving Victims. Building Trust. Restoring Hope. This year’s theme reminds us of the significant progress made in recognizing victims’ rights while emphasizing the need to expand our reach to disenfranchised, marginalized or isolated victims who may face obstacles to accessing services. Addressing victimization when it occurs is critical to improve victim recovery and prevent future victimization.

Greene County Prosecutor Stephen K. Haller and the Victim/Witness Division staff recently recognized individuals from the Greene County community who demonstrate outstanding support of crime victims. Greene County Sheriff’s Office Detective Kyle Metz and Family Solutions Center were honored in April, during an annual National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Award ceremony. We congratulate this year’s recipients!
 David P. Eckert Outstanding Law Enforcement Service Award
 Detective Kyle Metz has worked with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office since 1999, serving as a Corrections Officer, Court House Security Officer, Patrol Deputy and his current assignment in the Detective Section. During his tenure as a detective, Kyle has investigated numerous complex cases involving multiple victims and offenders. His thoroughness has aided the Prosecutor’s Office in securing successful felony prosecutions and helped to unravel complicated restitution issues. Detective Metz goes above and beyond his assigned duties and demonstrates a marked sense of ownership for every case assigned to him. His empathy and sensitivity to crime victims is notable. In 2014, Kyle was qualified as a Forensic Analyst of cell phone equipment by a US Secret Service Task Force. The training has enabled him to assist area law enforcement agencies in the collection of stored cellphone information, often preserving valuable evidence. Kyle is recognized and honored for his skill, dedication and compassion.

Detective Kyle Metz

 Outstanding Community Service Award
 Family Solutions Center (FSC) is the Youth Division of TCN Behavioral Health Services, offering an array of services designed to fit the specific needs of children. In 2010, Family Solutions Center began providing mental health treatment to children referred for services at Michael’s House Child Advocacy Center. Having FSC as an on-site collaborative partner has dramatically increased the number of child victims who receive quality mental health therapy. The entire FSC team has greatly contributed to a comprehensive service plan for child victims served at Michael’s House. Director Kathleen Diegelman is a member of the Michael’s House Operations Committee, providing information and expertise to guide and enhance the development of quality therapeutic services at the Center. Therapists April Whalen and Meerae Zastoupil have proven to be outstanding assets to the Michael’s House team of caregivers. In addition to their primary responsibilities as mental health professionals, April and Meerae serve as members of the Greene County Multi-Disciplinary Team. FSC recognizes the importance of developing specialized treatment plans which are age and circumstance appropriate. They provide outstanding services to child victims and their parents as they navigate their recovery from abuse.

Family Solutions Center

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