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Mailbox Guidelines for Snow Removal
Inspecting Your Mailbox
Property owners are encouraged to inspect their mailboxes and posts prior to the winter season each year and to replace or repair deteriorated mailboxes or posts to ensure their durability. Your mailbox should be designed and constructed to stand up to the rigors of the winter plowing season.

Massive supports such as telephone poles, heavy metal posts, bricks, antique farm equipment or other similar items are considered hazards and should not be used.  Any mailbox support should be designed so that if it is struck, it will bend, break or fall away from the striking vehicle to prevent severe damage to the vehicle or injury to the traveling public.

Repair or Replacement
The Greene County Engineer’s Highway Maintenance Department makes every effort to protect the integrity of property owner’s mailboxes. However, during periods of heavy snow accumulation, mailboxes are sometimes damaged as a result of winter plowing operations. On most occasions they are knocked down or damaged by the force of the snow coming off the plow.

What the County Does
While government agencies are not required to replace or repair damaged mailboxes that sit on a public right-of-way, we choose to as a courtesy.

If you live on a road maintained by the Greene County Engineer and your mailbox or post is damaged as a result of direct contact from our equipment, we will repair or replace it. 

What the Resident Does
Reapplication of numbers and lettering is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Post Types
Greene County will not replace non-standard, specialty or exotic type mailboxes, and  will only use breakaway type posts (4” X 4” timber posts) and a standard U.S. Postal Service approved light weight steel mailbox.

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