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Major service disruptions will be announced on:
  • All local television stations and their websites
  • Our website under Community Alerts

Helpful Guides

Phone Numbers to Remember
 To schedule a trip:
(937) 708-8322 or (877) 227-2287
 To schedule a deviation:
(937) 708-8322 or (877) 227-2287
 To check your pick-up time:
(937) 374-6402 or (800) 980-6402
 For same day cancellations:
(937) 374-6402 or (800) 980-6402

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Rob's Rescue

Flex Route Out-of-County Connections

Celebrating 15 Years of Service Video
We celebrated 15 years of service officially on January 8, 2016. To commemorate, we held a public event on July 28, 2016 with approximately sixty people in attendance. Attendees were able to watch a short video highlighting our history. video
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