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Warrant Removal Program
Warrant Removal Program
The Greene County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Division Warrant Removal Program (WRP) is designed to allow individuals who have an outstanding warrant for their arrest, the opportunity to take steps voluntarily to have that warrant removed. Warrants that were issued by the Domestic Relations Court are primarily the result of an individual’s failure to pay child support which results in a finding of contempt. Following the finding of contempt the individuals are given a sentencing date to appear before Judge Hurley. These individuals often choose not to appear for the sentencing hearing or if they do appear and they are given an opportunity to purge their contempt by paying their child support regularly but later stop paying again. They are then issued an order to report to jail on a date certain in the future. If they don’t appear as ordered or they don’t report to Jail as ordered the Court is informed and then a warrant to arrest the person is issued. The fact that the warrant has been issued is entered into a law enforcement national database. The individual is subject to arrest wherever he or she may be found by a law enforcement officer for any reason what-so-ever. The arrest warrants have no expiration date and will remain in the system indefinitely until executed or withdrawn. 

WRP is the opportunity for individuals who find themselves included on the list of people who have warrants out for them to request an opportunity to have a hearing where the Court will attempt to review the case and determine the best method to permit the individual to resolve the issues that led to the warrant being issued. Please follow the instructions below to take advantage of this opportunity. 

                                                                                                                        Judge Steven Hurley

Instructions for Warrant Program
  1. Find your name on the Active Warrant List
  2. Download and complete the Motion to Suspend Warrant with Review Hearing Notice form. 
  3. File the Motion to Suspend Warrant with Review Hearing with the Greene County Clerk of Courts. The Clerk is located on the First Floor of the Greene County Courthouse located at 45 N. Detroit Street, Xenia, Ohio 45385. 
  4. The Clerk of Courts will contact the Court to obtain the hearing date while you are waiting.
  5. Bring a time-stamped copy of your filed and time-stamped motion to the Greene County Domestic Relations Court, located at 595 Ledbetter Road, Xenia, Ohio 45385. A time-stamped copy of the motion must be presented to the Court before the active warrant can be withdrawn.
  6. Send a time-stamped copy of the motion to the Greene County Prosecutor, the Greene County Child Support Enforcement Agency, and to the child support Obligee by regular United States mail.
  7. Attend the review hearing. Failure to attend the hearing will result in the warrant being reissued.