1. 001 Application for the Appointment of a Trustee
  2. 002 Appointment of Testamentary Trustee
  3. 003 Appointment. Bond Approved. Letters Issued
  4. 004 Trustee's Acceptance
  5. 005 Trustee's Bond
  6. 006 Entry Appointing Trustee; Letter of Authority
  7. 007 Trustee's Inventory
  8. 008 Trustee's Account
  9. 010 Entry Scheduling Inventory/Account for Hearing
  10. GC Form 56.1-E Application for Extension of Time to File
  11. GC Form 56.1-F Entry Regarding Extension of Time to File
  12. GC Form 60.3-A Supplemental Application for Nonresident Trustee
  13. GC Form 60.3-B Entry Regarding Supplemental Application for Nonresident Trustee
  14. GC Form 60.3-C Verification of Receipt and Deposit
  15. GC Form 71.4-A Application for Authority to Pay Attorney Fees
  16. GC Form 71.4-B Entry Authorizing Payment of Attorney Fees
  17. GC Form 74.1-A Application for Authority to Pay Trustee Compensation
  18. GC Form 74.1-B Entry Authorizing Payment of Trustee Fees
  19. GC Form 75.1 Self-Representation Acknowledgment
  20. GC Form 75.2-E Application to Dispense with Trustee's Bond
  21. GC Form 75.2-F - Entry Regarding Trustee's Bond
  22. GC Form 75.3-A Contact Information Form
  23. GC Form 78.1-A Request for Review Hearing
  24. GC Form 78.8-A Application to Voluntarily Withdrawal as Trustee
  25. GC Form 78.8-B Entry Regarding Application to Voluntarily Withdraw as Trustee
  26. GC Form 78.8-C Notice of Involuntary Withdrawal of Trustee
  27. GC Form 78.9-A Application to Withdraw as Legal Counsel - Trust
  28. GC Form 78.9-B Entry Regarding Withdrawal as Legal Counsel - Trust
  29. GC Form 78.9-C Notice of Involuntary Withdrawal of Legal Counsel - Trust
  30. GC Form 105.1-I Entry Approving Account
  31. GC Form 105.1-J Application for Authority to Expend Funds
  32. GC Form 106.2-A Praecipe for Subpoena
  33. GC Form 106.2-B Subpoena
  34. GC Form 106.2-C Subpoena Duces Tecum
  35. GC Form 106.2-E Motion for Service by Publication
  36. GC Form 106.2-F Order Regarding Service by Publication
  37. GC Form 106.2-G Motion to Appoint Process Server
  38. GC Form 106.2-H Order Regarding Process Server