Children Awaiting Adoption


15 Years Old

Picture of Daktoa (JPG)

Dakota is an upbeat and social 15 year old girl. She likes to go by "Codi". Codi loves music, her iPod, being on social media, and roller skating. Codi used to play soccer, volleyball, softball, and cheerlead until a sporting injury occurred. Codi is currently in the school band and plays the clarinet. Codi loves to eat and enjoys reading. Codi has several goals past graduation, one of which includes entering the Air Force. She is eager to have stable employment to add to her savings. Dakota will need ongoing counseling to address past traumas.


15 Years Old

Picture of CJ (JPG)

CJ is a typical 15 year old who likes to hang out with friends and play outside in his free time. CJ is interested in pursuing a career where he could work on cars or something in the engineering field. He enjoys taking walks to clear his head. His favorite meal to cook is fish. Those who know CJ have described him as very hard-working, smart, and have expressed that he is able to complete anything he puts his mind to.


14 Years Old

Picture of Jeffrey (JPG)

Jeffrey's interests include playing video games, being outdoors, and rebuilding electronics. He also loves learning home improvement projects. Jeff is learning life skills and gaining more independence on a daily basis.


14 Years Old

Picture of Christian (JPG)

Christian is a talkative young man who enjoys conversations ranging from various sporting activities to philosophy. He has an active lifestyle which has included football, basketball, and skateboarding. Academically, he has performed above his grade level and he says he enjoys school. Christian would benefit from a home with a strong male figure with children his same age and older. He has two sisters that he keeps in contact with.


13 Years Old

Picture of Tyler (JPG)

Tyler enjoys playing basketball. His favorite player is Lebron James. He likes gaming on the Xbox and has an interest in history, particularly old cars and the civil rights movement. He likes learning new things and exploring. Tyler also loves dogs and would enjoy a home that has animals.