Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal


The Greene County Transit Board has established a DBE program for Greene CATS Public Transit in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), 49 CFR Part 26.  In this document, the Greene County Transit Board submits to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) the FY 2019-2021 goals.

Overall Goal

The Greene County Transit Board’s overall goal for FTA funds for FY 2019-2021 is 0% which reflects the relative-availability percentage of “Ready, Willing, and Able” DBE firms within the State of Ohio.

The Greene County Transit Board’s annual expenditures from 2019 through 2021 are estimated at $5,059,259 (based on 2017 National Transit Database data and 2017 financial data).  Expense breakout includes:

  • Wages and Fringes: $514,929.  Wages and fringes represent those paid exclusively to internal Greene County Transit Board staff.
  • Purchased Transportation and Fuel: $3,194,738.  The Greene County Transit Board awarded a five (5) year contract in 2015 that covers CY2016-2020.
  • Services: $92,606 Greene County Transit Board has contracts with proprietary vendors for scheduling software, mobile data, and video monitor services.
  • Materials & Supplies:  $31,157
  • Office Lease and Utilities: $130,901 The Greene County Transit Board leases its office space with a private landlord.
  • Misc. Expenses: $15,681
  • Vehicles: $1,074,037
  • Insurance: $5,210
  • Given that the Greene County Transit Board spends more than $250,000 in FTA funds each year on Purchased Transportation, a DBE goal for this project must be applied.

Methodology for DBE-Goal Calculation

The overall goal figure of 0% for the FTA-assisted project was calculated as follows:

DBEs-Ready, Willing & Able

                                         ______________________  = DBE Goal Percentage

    All firms-Ready, Willing & Able

Since the use of the affected FTA funded project is for the provision of passenger transportation services for Greene County, the figures used in the DBE-goal formula were for those firms with a NAICS code of 485xx, the transit and ground passenger transportation subsector of NAICS code 485xx.

DBE’s-Ready, Willing & Able.  The data source or demonstrable evidence used to derive the numerator (Ready Willing & Able DBE Firms) was all active DBE firms that were found in the Ohio Disadvantage Business Enterprise Unified Certification Program (UCP) database (http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ODI/SDBE/Pages/DBE-Directory.aspx) with NAICS code starting with 485.  The number of DBE firms meeting these criteria is 10. 

All firms-Ready, Willing & Able.  The data source or demonstrable evidenced used to derive the denominator was the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 County Business Patterns.  The geographic area used for the Ready, Willing & Able business count, for NAICS 485xx, was the State of Ohio.  The number of firms meeting these criteria is 430.

By substituting the business counts in the DBE-Goal Percentage formula, the Greene County Transit Board’s DBE goal before adjustment would be 2% for the period.


After calculating the base figure of the relative availability of DBE firms, evidence was examined to determine what adjustment to the base figure, if any, was appropriate in order to arrive at the overall goal.  The evidence examined included, but was not limited to, the current capacity of DBE firms to perform work on FTA assisted contracting programs; and evidence from related fields that affect the opportunities for DBE firms to form, grow, and compete. Although 10 DBE firms were listed in the Ohio DBE UCP none were in the Dayton, Ohio region where the GCTB operates. Only 3 firms were in the greater Southwest or Central Ohio area and only 1 of the 3 provides demand responsive transportation. Of the remaining two, one provides Commercial Driver’s License training and the other is a data management consultant for transportation providers.

The Greene County Transit Board is currently operating under a five (5) year transportation operations and maintenance contract (CY 2016-2020) with a non-DBE firm. Consequently, there is limited opportunity to apply the goal to this project during that time period.  Also, the likelihood that a DBE firm will win the bid to provide operations and maintenance service beginning CY 2021 when a new project will begin is very unlikely as evidenced by the calculations above. As a result, the goal is adjusted to 0% for the triennial period of FY 2019-2021.

Public Participation

In conformance with the requirements the Greene County Transit Board will seek public participation in its goal setting process, it will publish a notice providing DBE goal information.  The Greene County Transit Board’s goal information will be published in the following publication:

  • Xenia Daily Gazette & Dayton Daily News

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Breakout of Race-Neutral and Race-Conscious Participation:

The Greene County Transit Board will meet the maximum feasible portion of its overall goal by using 100% race neutral means.