COVID-19 Courthouse Procedures




The Court has received numerous questions about how to exercise parenting time during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Pursuant to the Ohio Department of Health, ’Stay at Home’ Order, parents should continue to exchange their children as required by their parenting plans or custody orders as this has been designated as "essential travel."  Parents should adhere to all holiday and spring break schedules as designated by their schools at the beginning of the year regardless of recent changes.

Please read the following AFCC resource for guidance on how to successfully exercise parenting time under current conditions.

Co-Parenting in COVID-19 Crisis


Requirements of the Compliance Office

All Decrees and Entries that involve child custody, child support, and spousal support (in cases where child support is also ordered), and all pro se motions and orders, must be approved by the Compliance Office before they can be filed with the Clerk of Courts.  Paperwork must be brought to the Compliance Office, or addressed to the Compliance Office if it is being mailed.  Addressing corrected paperwork to the Compliance Department is especially important for timely processing. 

Do not submit any paperwork to the Compliance Office until it is completely prepared for review.  This means originals should be signed, attachments should be in place, and copies should be made.  The filing process will be delayed if the documents are incorrect or missing.

Required Decree & Entry Language

The Compliance Department reviews every decree submitted by an attorney to ensure it complies with all rules and contains all required language.  These requirements come from the Ohio Revised Code, Greene County Domestic Relations Local Rules, and CSEA Rules.  To access the required language, choose a link from the list below: 


One of the most common reasons paperwork is held up in Compliance is because of missing attachments.  Always check to make sure attachments have been added to your paperwork before your turn it in to the Compliance Office.

Child Support Computation Worksheet - A Worksheet must be attached to every Entry that
     has minor children, regardless of whether support is being exchanged.  If the amount of
     support in the Decree or Entry deviates from the guidelines, use the appropriate     
     adjustment line to subtract from or add to the calculated amount; use the space provided
     on this line to explain the reason for the deviation.  The amount of child support 
     stated in the Decree or Entry must match the amount that is listed on the       
     Worksheet to the penny.  Hand written or altered Worksheets will not be
  There is a computer available in the courthouse lobby with the Puritas
     Springs Software.  The computer is available for attorney and public use on a first-come,
      first-serve basis.
Mandatory Standard Notice - This language regarding support, medical insurance, and
     parental access must be referenced in the document as attached and incorporated. 
     Please make sure it is attached to your paperwork.
Obligee & Obligor Information Sheets - The information from these sheets is used by the
     CSEA to open their files and prepare the Withholding Orders.  It is imperative that these
     forms are accurate and completely filled out, including the minor children's social     
     security numbers.  Medical insurance information is to be included on the appropriate  
     information sheet.  The name and address of the insurance company must be provided. 
     No copies
of these sheets are needed.
Standard Order Parenting Time - If an Entry states that the this document is attached,
     please make sure it is actually attached.
Parenting Time Procedures - This language regarding general parenting principles and   
     procedures to follow for implementing the parenting schedule must be referenced in the
     document as attached and incorporated.  Please make sure it is attached to your

Additional Forms


In cases where an agreement is possible or likely, attorneys may consider mediation which is available through the Court. There are several benefits to mediation, including:

  • Cost - Mediation usually achieves a resolution in a matter of hours.  Taking less time means expending less money on fees and costs
  • Confidentiality - Mediation remains strictly confidential.  No one but the parties to the dispute and the mediator knows what transpired.  The only exceptions to such strict confidentiality usually involve child abuse or actual, or threatened, criminal acts.
  • Control - Mediation increases the control the parties have over the resolution.  In a court case, the parties obtain a resolution but control resides with the judge or magistrate. 
  • Compliance - Since the result is attained by the parties working together, compliance with the mediated agreement is usually high. 
  • Support - Mediators are trained in working with difficult situations.  The mediator helps the parties think "outside the box" for possible solutions to the dispute, broadening the range of possible solutions.


Clients who have limited English proficiency, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have language impairments have a right to have a qualified interpreter for court functions, free of charge.  The Court will appoint a qualified interpreter upon request or the Court's own determination.  The interpreter will assist the client with comprehension and communication during the court proceedings.

Attorneys should notify the Court of the need for an interpreter as soon as possible.


When requested, the official court reporter will prepare written transcripts of court proceedings.  Transcript costs are assessed by the assigned transcriptionist on a case-by-case basis. 

When ordering a transcript for objections, a Praecipe must be filed pursuant to Greene County Domestic Relations Court Local Rule 3.12.

When ordering a transcript for an appeal, a 9B Praecipe must be filed pursuant to Ohio Rule of Appellate Procedure 9(B).

To order transcripts or request information please contact Amanda Holmes at (937) 562-6237.

Parenting Seminar

To combat the negative impact ending a marriage can have on the children, The Court requires parties with minor children who are filing for divorce, dissolution, or legal separation to attend a parenting seminar.  "Families Succeeding After Divorce" is a two-hour seminar that educates parents on issues children may face as a result of ending their marriage.  The cost of the seminar is deducted from the filing fee.

The seminar is held the first Thursday of every month, and once monthly on Saturday.  Parties must pre-register for the seminar at least 5 business days in advance.  Parties may pre-register online by completing the Seminar Registration Form.


CourtCall is a remote appearance platform that allows litigants to appear in court via video conference when they cannot appear in person.  If you have a client who cannot attend a hearing, please file the appropriate motion with the Court.  If granted, it is your responsibility to schedule the CourtCall appearance, and pay all required fees.  Your client's appearance must be scheduled with CourtCall at least 7 days prior to the hearing.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard (OFW) offers divorced or separated parents an array of tools to easily schedule and track parenting time, share important family information, manage expenses, and create an accurate, clear log of divorce communication.  OFW is intended to reduce divorce conflict between co-parents by providing a central, secure location to document and share important information about the family. 

Attorneys can access their client's OFW accounts as a third party by signing up for an OFW account, and getting permission from their client to access their account.