Conveyance Requirements

Requirement List

Conveyance Measurements and Tools
  • Greene County Conveyance Standards provide governing procedures and requirements for the acceptance of documents for instruments of conveyance. The intent is to provide a standard method of legal descriptions for deeds, easements, affidavits, and other instruments that require the use of land descriptions.
  • The county offices and people desire to provide a service for the public to insure proper and accurate descriptions of property, to correct any errors that are evident and to insure that property is accurately described for tax purposes. The County Engineer's Tax Map Department will assist all those preparing instruments by providing parcel numbers from the tax maps for use on conveyance instruments when presented for recording.
  • All situations cannot be covered by these requirements. When situations not covered arise they will be handled as special cases interpreted by the Engineer's Tax Map Department.
  • All persons or entities, prior to any conveyance or transfer, are required to have all legal descriptions intended to be included in any instrument of conveyance or transfer inspected and approved by the County Engineer's Tax Map Department. Any persons or entities shall also provide a copy of the last instrument of conveyance or transfer on record unless the previous conveyance or transfer has already been stamped "Legally Sufficient as described." This will avoid delays and allow time for any corrections that are necessary.
  • All new surveys filed must use county size forms (sheet size is 11 3/8 inches by 18 inches) and be an inked original or reproducible non-destructible copy of the county form and must be legible to insure accurate filing, with original signatures and seals. Photo copies will not be accepted for filing. To permit adequate inspection of the survey, allow the review agents a maximum of five working days for each review.
  • All instruments of conveyance being presented to the County Auditor for transfer shall indicate the portion of the grantor's interest (if other than full) being conveyed to the grantee.
  • Deeds based upon unapproved surveys will not be approved until the survey has been approved. Mortgage Location Surveys will not be accepted as property surveys in a property conveyance transaction.