Probate Court

The Greene County Probate Court and the Greene County Bar Association are hosting an attorney seminar October 18, 2019. If you would like to register please follow the link below.

2019 Probate Law Practicum and Professional Conduct

Greene County Probate Court Offers Free Replacement Documents

Greene County Probate Court is offering to replace any probate legal documents that residents may have lost in the Memorial Day tornados. This may include marriage certificates, letters of authority, name change judgments or other certified judgment entries that the court maintains in its records. Residents will not be charged for this service. Judge O’Diam and his wife, Deanna, will personally contribute the funds necessary to cover the charges.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the Probate Court at (937) 562-5280.


Welcome to the Greene County Probate Court website. This site provides you with a wide variety of resources regarding probate cases, including Local Rules, forms, checklists and access to case dockets (except confidential proceedings). We hope that our website will be beneficial to you and will make your experience with our Court as pleasant as possible.

Warning About Self-Representation
Probate proceedings are complex and require detailed knowledge of many Ohio statutes, case law, rules and regulations. Our Court strongly encourages you to retain the professional services of an attorney who is experienced in probate law to represent you in any type of probate case.

The Court and its Deputy Clerks are prohibited by law from assisting you with any aspect of your case, including without limitation determining what forms are required and how to complete those forms. The Court and its Deputy Clerks cannot provide you with any information regarding how to properly handle your case beyond the information on this website.

Our Court applies the law equally to every person involved in a proceeding in Greene County Probate Court, regardless of whether the person is or is not represented by an attorney. There are no special exceptions or more lenient standards for persons who represent themselves without the assistance of an attorney.

For more information about self-representation please visit the Ohio Judicial Conference website for guides and brochures.
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