Pre-Service Training

CASAs undergo a thorough 36 hour pre-service training course. During the training, volunteers learn about courtroom procedure and the parties involved in the proceedings. CASAs also learn effective advocacy techniques for children and are educated about specific topics ranging from the welfare of children to reporting to the court. Local agencies will also present the community resources available.

Upcoming Pre-Service Training

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the CASA Program will be postponing the October 2020 Pre-Service Training. Please contact the CASA Office if you have any questions.
The CASA Office is still accepting volunteer applications. A CASA staff member will contact applicants once trainings resume. 

In-Service Training

CASA volunteers are also required to complete twelve hours of in-service training each year per National CASA standards. These hours will include a minimum of three hours pertaining to Guardian ad Litem training guidelines.
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