Data Processing

Greene County's Data Processing (GCDP) provides support throughout all county departments and agencies, including the following:

  • Application development
  • Client support
  • Computer networking
  • GIS implementation/analysis
  • GIS outreach
  • Website development
  • Server administration

GCDP Vision Statement

GCDP delivers "best in practice" information technologies, which forms a foundation for all Greene County government agencies and services. Improving financial and record keeping systems of the county improves services, reduces costs and provides officials with a modern management tool to better administer the business as a government.

GCDP Mission Statement

The mission of the GCDP is to provide innovative and effective solutions to achieve the county's goals and objectives. The goal of GCDP is to provide the highest quality of service in supporting the network infrastructure, client applications, client equipment, and centralized computer systems. The department accomplishes the set goals through innovative technological leadership and the professionalism, knowledge, and integrity of the staff.